Interview with Niklas Åström (ef)

31 Oct 2022 - Thorsten

It is always a pleasure to talk with Scandinavian acts, because most of them are very humble and easy to talk to, even if they are really important in their own little scene. Talking to Niklas Åström, the drummer behind ef, Sweden’s elegant powerhouse of sparkling post-rock with a lot of glittering appeal, just confirmed that, because even though he might be aware that his band is a point of reference nowadays, he never shows it. Thence, this interview was nothing but a pure pleasure!

Whenever listening to any ef-record it becomes quite clear that the guys have a knack for writing catchy melodies without sacrificing their classiness or elegance for it. That can also be said about the new one We Salute You, You and You!, coming up on Friday, November 4 via Pelagic Records. You will all be amazed by the record and its diversity. Niklas talked to us about that new record, the effect Covid had on the band (you will be surprised!), their roots in a quite different musical genre and why he prefers AC/DC over Busta Rhymes! Enjoy!