Salt Pig -

18 Oct 2022

Salt Pig from Sheffield released one of those complete, utter surprises of an album a few weeks ago, which Thorsten reviewed very highly also because of its non-conformity. And now they sent us this mesmerizing playlist-text which makes us fall in love only more! Salt Pig, ladies and gents!

Salt Pig
"On The Lake" - Triosk
A deliciously delicate fishy starter
"Iggy" - Acoustic Ladyland
Spicy starter
"Mushroom" - CAN
We promise it’s not canned mushrooms
"Son et Lumiere" - The Mars Volta
It’s French
"Fulina" - STUFF.
Full of flavour and texture. Avant dining.

"Cookin’" - DJ Food
A meaty main
"GoodBurger" - Brookes Brothers
Self explanatory
"Tropical Hot Dog Night" - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Probably served with pineapple
"Big Mouth Strikes Again" - Treepeople
Does not contain Morrissey
"My Dick" - Mickey Avalon
“served a whole luncheon”

"Yuppie Restaurant-Goers Beware Because This Song Is For The Dishwasher" - 1-Speed Bike
Please spare a thought for the pot wash while u eat ur pud
"Beautiful" - Phuturistix
Sweet pudding, possibly soaked rum
"Wild Honey Pie" - The Beatles
Because everyone loves Wild Honey Pie
"Footprints" - Warning
Post-meal regret
"Nights Over Egypt" - The Jones Girls
Something exotic

"A New Kind of Water" - This Heat
It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence
"Hot Coffee" - Tortoise
You don't want a food coma
"On A Misty Night" - Tadd Dameron, John Coltrane
Like a whisky sour
"Quiet" - Get The Blessing
A nice wonky liquid
"You Suffer" - Napalm Death
Palette cleanser