The Devil's Mouth -

28 Sep 2022

A new feature to our little VoS-realm and at the same time a collaboration with a friend of ours – perfect combination for a Wednesday evening, right? We are lucky to work with José Carlos Santos, whom many of you might know as a masterful music journalist as well as being the guy behind The Devil’s Mouth – with loads of great articles, interviews and podcasts. Each month he will now give us a playlist for your exquisite aural pleasures, folks!

The structure is easy – José will compile a thematic playlist for us and head honcho Thorsten compiles one for him. High Fidelity-vibes, anyone? On our page you will find José’s playlist and on The Devil’s Mouth you will find Thorsten’s reply. The playlist will normally not exceed the 60-minute-mark. Plus – the two guys will be giving you a short video each month to talk about their choices and to nerd it out a bit.

For this month, the basic idea was simply to give you ”A Short Introduction” and what better to keep it short and simple? The songs are all, more or less, under two minutes and you can be sure to find some really cool choices on both lists. And now without further ado, enjoy the music - Josè’s playlist features Eyelet, Vermin Womb, Whores., Threatener but also classics like Brutal Truth, Eyehategod or Discordance Axis!