Interview with Jesse Matthewson (KEN Mode)

25 Sep 2022 - Thorsten

NULL is upon us. It is the latest record by Noise-mongers KEN Mode, whose version of Blackened Hardcore might be the most intricate thing to grasp, when trying to unravel all the single elements of their music. Together their music is somewhere AmRep, Relapse, Black Metal, Hardcore and so much more. Therefore we are lung-explodingly proud to present you this interview with mastermind Jesse Matthewson today!

KEN Mode - the name itself will be explained in the video - is one of those bands beloved by people from various genres as they themselves are hardcore-punk by attitude for sure, noise by sound definitely, black metal by riffing basically and yet they are so much more. In our interview Jesse confirms his love for the Melvins, why he’s nowadays so fond of modern recording equipment and why he likes later Propagandhi more than their earlier stuff. Enjoy our latest videos and tell us what you think of KEN Mode and their new record NULL which you can order here.

PS: Sorry for the bad quality of the host - forgetful me had forgotten to pull up the input volume. PPS: Photo credit: Brenna Faris