Omegashift -

16 Sep 2022

Knut is a magician - his reviews always arouse the interest of the bands he is talking about and many of them compile a playlist for us afterwards. The mighty Omegashift from Norway did just that after reading his review and then compiled a cool playlist with some surprises as well. Furthermore, they gave us this mighty fun, and highly informative text about the reasons for their choices!

The band Omegashift combines four individuals with a massive reach regarding musical taste and inspirations. For this playlist we figured we should focus on the Omegashift cd, what bands have coloured the content on Doctrine Of Dust. Not necessary what we like the best, what we grew up with, but pointers towards the stuff we listen to and is audible through the five songs. And perhaps you will discover new favourites?

Our incredibly positive vocalist Jorunn tries to separate herself from the strange [guys] by saying “… I have probably given Omegashift a pinch of mainstream (if that is even possibly)”, but the fact is that she has adopted a similar strangeness, and freaks out the rest with odd places to sing 😊.

“I was the girl who never stopped dancing and wore too many colours at the same time. I still do:). I believe my list also reflects that I love singing. Making just one list is so hard when the world is full of music, but here are a few of my favourites: “Rumour” by Bel Canto. I heard this album over and over and I just loved the way she used her voice in this song. I think I still know it by heart :). “Even Flow” by Pearl Jam. I love it! If I must narrow down to just one song by Portishead it would be “Glory Box”. It has everything; interesting text, a great bass line and a lovely voice. And last; Etta James’ powerful voice in “At Last””.

Bjørnar, song writer and our lyrical brain: “Both “Hands” and “My epic” are of such presence and tenderness in their music. They anchor their expressions in waves of light and deep shadows that touch me and grow in me. “Crowned in Sorrow” is a majestic and superheavy slab of brilliant doom, and this debut will stay with me for a long time. Extol is our Norwegian pearl of progressive and radiant heavy music. They are a band I have much history with and hold in high regard both musically and lyrically, and as with the other artists I have chosen, they share the same worldview as I do…and that is for me a most important part of music and inspiration.”

Tor, the bass player is reaching out for Rainbow´s Rising album, in his words the 1975 masterpiece from Rainbow is “…an album where every song are top notch. Both Dio as a vocalist and the band have been crucial in forming and defining the metal scene of today.” And Tor is a big fan of Candlemass, no doubt. “This is probably the song I’ve played the most, and the album is a cornerstone of the doom metal genera. “My Death” from Mayhem´s Chimera is the perfect song with headphones on, when working and concentrating. The raw, basic, dirty edges provide an expression few other bands within the extreme metal scene are able to match.”

Yngve, the drummer, grew up in the 70’s, but though he did his thrash years with inspiration from Coroner, Kreator and other excellent bands, for the Omegashift sound other names appear. “I’ve always loved dark music with a positive edge, where the heavy and shadowed feelings bring hope. Longing, heart, sorrow, love, darkness, solitude, and the beauty made by the almighty saviour. For this list my pickings are all lifelong favourites: Pavlov´s Dog and the incredible “Pampered Menial” LP. You need to listen, you will love it. Third and The Mortal? Perhaps the crown jewel of the sacral folkish doom scene. Trouble? Man, if you need to ask, you haven’t done your job. The mighty Trouble, rest in peace Eric, what a killer vocalist. The heavy Norwegian dark rock band Thule is so good they still give me the chills after all these years. Check out the first three albums, especially Natt and Frostbrent (my track is from this album, a killer release, but less progressive than Natt). Back in ‘91 I fell in love with Nick Cave, and though I still love his music, it’s the first albums doing it for me, and with Murder Ballads as the peak. Let Love In was my first new Cave album, and despite my love for the title track and the second version of “Do You Love Me”, I picked the lovely “Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore”. Pure organic love.