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Playlist #69 by Sacred Son


Sacred Son has grown a lot - from a one-man-project to a full band. And his latest record (our review here) is a perfect metaphor for our modern life. Dane Cross and his mates have taken the historical event of the Peasants Revolution and used it as a blueprint for our modern life. For us he created a themed playlist for one of his favorite bands - Slipknot! Enjoy all you VoS-aficionados - enjoy the weekend and the new playlist!

“Not so long ago I embarked on a long overdue re-appraisal of Slipknot’s post-Iowa outings. Having previously given them unfairly short shrift, I’ve since realised that I probably went at them from the wrong angle - that is, I held them to the impossibly high standards set by 1999’s perfect and iconic Slipknot and 2001’s perfect and iconic Iowa, which was unrealistic of me and would only end in disappointment.

Listening back now to all four records, I discovered that they became much more enjoyable in their own right once I was able to sequester them from the two earlier masterpieces and regard them as their own separate body of work.

So, to mark this week’s announcement of their upcoming album ‘The End (So Far)’, I give you Vol. 6.5: Subliminal Hope of the Gray Kind; my top 13 tracks from the post-Iowa era, structured to emulate the ebb and flow of a Slipknot record.

One low-key exception aside, I have opted to avoid including the singles. We’re all very familiar with them and, in my opinion, they’re often not the standout tracks.”