Playlist Aptera

Playlist #65 by Aptera


Knut is surely the biggest doom and heavy metal-fan and knows more about it than anyone on our team. Thus his review of Aptera’s debut record struck a lot of chords in the vein of the mighty Iommi. That Aptera then also have a track by the master’s main band on their playlist should not come as a surprise! Enjoy the songs chosen by the new global doom phenom, all you VoS-aficionados!

“Thanks for inviting Aptera to make a playlist for Veil of Sound! We decided to come up with a mixture of music we enjoyed in our youth and stuff we’re listening to today. These are influences that shaped us when we first were learning our instruments, and stuff that we’re really excited to be discovering now. It’s important to us to feel the energy and power of these amazing artists, especially women, who are changing the face of heavy music today. We picked a range from classic metal to hardcore to experimental singer-songwriter to horrorcore. Hopefully a little something for every curious, adventurous listener and lover of the dark.”