Interview with Kathrine Shephard (Sylvaine)

17 Jul 2022 - Thorsten

If you need to hear one blackgaze band with female vocals, some intriguing gothic or romantic elements, a strong connection to our earthly roots and, of course, some really well-done and perfectly-written music for 2022, you might as well stop any search because Sylvaine should be it! We were lucky enough to get Kathrine Shephard onto our little show and we hope you will have as much listening to the interview as Thorsten had doing it!

Kathrine has released four full-lengths under the moniker Sylvaine (pronouced correctly “Sill-venn”) and each of those is a record to hold close to your heart. Nevertheless, her latest record Nova (check out our review here) is turning into her favorite work for a lot of people because it’s strong and fragile, magical and rational, a force of nature and a perfect lullabye. It only shows what an accomplished songwriter Kathrine is - and it will be interesting to find out how these songs transfer to the stages she will play on. Until then, enjoy our interview, VoS-aficionados!

[Photo Credit: Helena Aguilar Mayans]