Bog Body -

08 Jul 2022

After listening to blackened sludgers Bog Body (and having reviewed their record Cryonic Crevasse Cult) we had the impression it would be worthwhile to ask for their roots or what they listen to, and therefore we are glad they compiled this list for us! Enjoy VoSers!

“Within the confines of Spotify’s collection we put together a list of songs that have made significant impact on us as a singular organism. Torchbearers of ironclad genres in their infancy as well as contemporaries who keep those fires burning bright, make up this list. A common thread between many bands are their transitions in tempo and the shroud of atmosphere that makes them always relevant.

For bands like Profanatica and Beherit it’s their style of barbaric rhythms and savage nature. More recently bands like Antichrist Siege Machine and Miasmatic Necrosis have found ways to build upon predecessors with the most violent of approaches. Somewhere in between all of this are the textures and brooding atmosphere of Trepaneringsritualen and Lustmord. All these acts, one way or another, continue to leave their mark on BOG BODY.”