Interview with Imperial Triumphant

03 Jul 2022 - Thorsten

A few years back it was still unthinkable to combine black metal (or death metal for that matter) with a typical jazz instrument like the Saxophone. Nevertheless, this is 2022 and bands like White Ward, Gold Spire, Rivers of Nihil and Imperial Triumphant have turned it into a musically completely accepted instrument within the realms of hard music. Imperial Triumphant might be the most adventurous of those aforementioned bands because their roots are definitely not metal-only but very wide-spread as is their music. Thus an interview with their singer is a really treat for us.

Imperial Triumphant seem to be one of those bands that are able to get away with anything - because they never strife for amazement, but rather for sound and for their artistic vision. Thus a collaboration with Kenny G is only unexpected at first glance; nevertheless, thinking it through, it makes perfect sense! That the band is also highly influenced by their home New York City, by movies, by legends and tales of old and new - all of that and more is part of our interview, so enjoy!