Interview with Dälek

15 May 2022 - Thorsten

A few days ago we posted our first HipHop review here on Veil of Sound, a review of Dälek’s latest record Precipice - and of course we were happy as f … when Will Brooks aka MC Dälek agreed to do an interview with us. Therefore - here is our interview with none other than Dälek, enjoy!

One basically cannot talk about abstract hiphop without mentioning Dälek, an act that has revolutionized the notion of what hiphop can be by combining hiphop with noise, ambient and sometimes even metal ideas. His conscious rap approach to his lyrics also made Will an icon among those who try to see things from more than one angle within the hiphop community. Thorsten sat up with him and talked about the new record, his wish for hope in his music, his relationship to Ipecac and touring with bands like Jesu and ISIS, but also of course about the political situation in the US and the fact that Dälek is somewhat of an outsider in both genres - hiphop and noise. Sit down and sip up what the man’s gotta say!