Damokles -

13 May 2022

After giving you an insight into their release (here’s the review) we also want to highlight some of the influences for newcomers Damokles!

Hi! We’re Damokles from Oslo, Norway. We have a new album out, “Nights Come Alive”, on Vinter Records, and we’re super stoked about it. We put together this Veil of Sound playlist to showcase some of our very diverse and rad influences. Genre-wise it’s a completely schizo list of tracks, but we love’em all. This playful and somewhat mischievous mix of sounds is part of the tapestry that makes Damokles what it is. We can jam to some Fugazi one moment, and then go in total Nick Cave crooner-mode the next minute. That’s just how we like it. We’re a versatile band and life is simply too short for boring genre purism. We hope you enjoy this playlist as much as we do!