Interview with Erik Moggridge (Aerial Ruin)

17 Apr 2022 - Thorsten

Whoever has listened to Stygian Bough, the side-project of Funeral Doom masterminds Bell Witch has also read the name Erik Moggridge at one point or another. Early this year, Erik released another full-length under his usual stage moniker, Aerial Ruin. It contains many points that should be talked about, amongst them a 21-minute folk-song (!), and thus we did exactly that and are really proud of being able to give you this interesting video interview with him. Enjoy!

Loss Seeking Flame (here you can find our review of it) is remarkable in the way it was written and in how the vocals were arranged because very often we do not here ONE Erik, but many Eriks. How? Well, you gotta listen to this interview to find out. And yes, this is a bit outside our usual Post-Rock and Post-Metal realms, but Aerial Ruin also represents perfectly what we are striving for: Shedding light on music one should pay attention to if not wanting to stick to the same same, over and over again. And one thing is for sure: You will be hard-pressed to find a record with a better arrangement of the vocals this year than Loss Seeking Flame. But now - enjoy our conversation with Erik Moggridge aka Aerial Ruin!

(Photo Credit: Diana Lungu Photography)