Interview with Nathan Gray

Nathan Gray - Interview


Normally we do not do something like a news segment, because we think that there are much better sites for that. However, this one is somewhat different: a few days ago, Nathan Gray posted a longer text on his socials saying that he has to speak about his inner struggles with the promotion of his last album Rebel Songs and how he has to cope with the inadequacy of the marketing compared to the record. As this is a topic that interests us a lot as well, we met up for a short special interview and talked about it all, from different angles and perspectives and in detail. We consider this short interview one of our best to date. Tell us what you think!

Thorsten sat down with Nathan and they talked about how he thinks that the promotion for the new record did not reflect on the nature of the songs and represented only a small part of Rebel Songs. He also clearly said that it was not about blaming anyone but him as he signed off on those things. They also looked at it from a historical perspective and set the whole discussion into deep and meaningful contexts with Nathan giving us a lot of insight into his inner turmoil and the result of it all. Give this one a good listen and think about the problems of marketing and promoting records in our time and day as this is definitely something to be aware of in a time when one can spent every minute of the day listening to a song from a new record. We wish Nathan all the best for his way and we can only encourage you to listen to the record once again.

If you want to find out more about Rebel Songs check out Sebastian’s review of Nathan’s third full-length and the video interview we published as part of our interview marathon between Christmas and New Year.