Interview with Scott Heller (Dr. Space)

27 Mar 2022 - Thorsten

Frank Zappa had one of the larger discographies with supposedly more than 60 full-lengths and countless live-records and more. Scott Heller aka Dr. Space surely can rival those numbers because his discography is also immeasurable and uncountable. Together with his main project the Øresund Space Collective he has 70 releases under his belt (as counted by Discogs) and thus we had enough to talk about. Enjoy!

When listening to Øresund Space Collective one can totally understand the old saying by Timothy Leary: “Turn on, tune in and drop out” when he was talking about psychedelics and drugs - the Swedish-Danish collective is able to achieve this effect without the need for any narcotics. For me, being a straight-edger for life it has the effect that I can completely get lost in the sounds of Dr. Space and his fellow musicians. All very talented jammers with a perfect understanding of what they want to achieve with each specific jam. Scott talks about how the music is created and much more. So, sit back, turn on and understand.