Interview with Eugene S. Robinson

Eugene S. Robinson (Buñuel) - Interview


It is always a pleasure to interview people who enjoy that situation and I would say the best interviews are those when humour and reflection meet. That combination is not always given but with Eugene S. Robinson it really always is. This time we interviewed him about the new record by his transcontinental band Buñuel!

A few weeks ago we already reviewed Killers Like Us by Buñuel and it got rave reactions by you our readers. We have already hinted at the fact that we interviewed Eugene about the band, their name, the way they write their music! And if you want to find out how Eugene perceived the difference between American and German cops well, here you can find out!

And now, here is our video interview with him about their new record:

And by the way: you can also still read our long interview with Eugene from last year here.