Interview with Mizmor

27 Feb 2022 - Thorsten

There has hardly been any act within the realm of Drone, Doom and Black Metal in the last ten years or so who has been constantly as much as ALN and his Mizmor-project. The guy is able to give us all lots of food for thought and at the same time create soundscapes that are never stagnant in their successes but seemingly always pushing for new dimensions of depth and meaning. Whenever one listens to his record and goes about his lyrics there will be lots of ideas and questions left open. In order to close some of these we sat down with ALN and sought for some answers.

Wit’s End, Mizmor’s latest EP (released in mid-January via Gilead) proved that once again, this time not just lyrically but also musically. You can read up on our review of the record here and then dive deep into the interview. We tried to find out if Thorsten’s idea of a tendency towards Radiohead and Sigur Ros was just a stupid idea and when was the last time, that ALN was at his wit’s end. Or how we as individuals and as mankind could cope with losing our ability to find a solution, when we are all collectively at our wit’s end.

[Photo credit: Emma Ruth Rundle]