We Were Heading North -

25 Feb 2022

I’m truly honoured to make this playlist for Veil Of Sound and I love this exercise, to go back in time looking for the music that I honestly think could shape the way I listen to music, play guitar and, sometimes, build a song.

It’s an ecclectic playlist and some of the tracks can be pretty obvious while others can sound far from my actual project ‘We Were Heading North’.

There’s a group of songs that are 200% related to post-rock with names that I truly admire and, to be honest, most of the times make me feel like throwing my guitar through the window. Mogwai’s “Tracy” and EITS’s “The Only Moment We Were Alone” really helped me get through some difficult times. The classic sound of This Will Destroy You is what I always want to achieve (and never succeed) , Sigur Rós with their sonic (and sentimental) revolution and Caspian, the best live act you can find nowadays in my opinion.

One instrumental piece by Moby in his massive album ‘play’ truly inspired me to play without needing a singer, and ambient/neoclassic tracks by Olafur Arnalds and Jon Hopkins are an inspiration on how sometimes simplicity works better than any other thing (although their more complex material is also great!)

Some post-punk tracks from Interpol, Joy Division and Editors because I played my guitar over their songs and studied them countless times in the past, so I’m pretty sure my way of playing and make songs has a lot to do with them. Not exactly the same style but I also played a lot with the guitar over the Silent Alarm album by Bloc Party.

As a fan of the pretty pop songs I included one of the Swedish band Shout Out Louds from an album from 2007 that I truly adore.

One great Spanish band in the list, Viva Belgrado. This guys have a few amazing albums that I like to listen to while exercising or driving. Love their riffs and guitar arrangements. Recommended!

Completing the playlist, epic track by Death Cab For Cutie, wall of guitars by Oasis and lovely forgotten song in the first Radiohead album.

There are some songs that couldn’t make the playlist because I would have exceed the time but I think it is a sincere approach to my influences. Hope you enjoy, I sure did! Thanks a lot for inviting me!