Olivier Dubuc (Maudits, Throane, OVTRENOIR) -

11 Feb 2022

Here’s a mix bunch of songs and bands that influenced me a lot in my musical history, some recent stuffs that I am listening and the sound of artists I’ve discovered recently.

As you can see, there is a large range of music styles as I have no barriers when it comes to music.

For the cults you will find mostly black/death/doom/atmospheric metal bands of which I was a huge fan during my teenage years : Death, Morbid Angel, early Anathema, The third and the Mortal, Enslaved, the underrated Ancient (mostly the first album Svartalvheim), Opeth among other, impossible to mention all the 90’s masterpieces

For the recent stuff I picked up some bands or artists (old or new) that I listened since this Covid shit begun. You will find:

  • some great French acts : Nord (the French Mars Volta) , KRV, Saar, Blockheads (the French Napalm Dath)
  • some old glories with great new albums like Cynic and recent bands like Ad Nauseam or Sijjin
  • and non-metal stuffs like Mono, The Bug, Nils Frahm.

Enjoy and thanks to Veil of Sound for the opportunity!