Interview with Mother

19 Dec 2021 - Thorsten

By now everyone should know about our year-long collaboration with Belgium quality-label Consouling Sounds. In preparation for their two-day festival at the beginning of October (aptly named 24Hours of Deep Listening) we conducted a series of video-interviews with several artists on their roster, which we will release bit by bit. Today we feature our interview post-blackgaze newcomers Mother, an upcoming big player from Ostend, if you ask us. .

Mother is a really remarkable band for they are playing the old “loud vs quiet”-game to perfection and yet never let go off their black-metal roots, especially not on their latest one-track-EP Interlude 1 which is one of the two interludes in their 5-part-story about the relationship between a mother and her child. And now - without any further ado, we give you: Mother!