Nordsind -

17 Dec 2021

Asger (guitars and bass):
It goes without saying that th this is a difficult task, but I’ve tried to pick a diverse set of songs from albums that have paved the way for Nordsind and helped define me as a musician in Nordsind. Here goes:

Deafheaven - The Pecan Tree
Let’s just get the obvious out of the way. Of course Deafheaven is on my list. Nothing contributed more to Nordsinds guitars than Kerry McCoys work on Sunbather! Trem picked guitars and epic melodic parts… That was basically my starting point for the band and for our EP Efterår. No Deafheaven = No Nordsind.

Kashmir - Lampshade
In primary school my math teacher lent me 3 CDs: Kashmir The Good Life, Metallica Ride the Lightning and Led Zeppelin IV. All of these albums hold a special place in my heart, but The Good Life would go on to be the first album I bought with my own money and it has been a big part of my life ever since. A big shout out to you Tom! Anyways… Lampshade is one of the most powerful songs I can think of. Just listen to the emotions pouring out of singer Kasper Eistrup when the song takes off at the end and do a deep dive into the lyrics! If that doesn’t touch you profoundly, you have no feelings!

Alcest - Je Suis D’ailleurs
Another band that has been a very direct inspiration, much like Deafheaven, is Alcest. A lot of the melody lines on LYS are heavily influenced by Alcests Kodama album. Just have a listen to our song Når Himlen Falder, Kommer Lyset Tættere På! Kodama was the first album by the band I really got into and it really is a masterpiece. Mandatory listening for autumn walks.

Sunn o)) & Boris - The Sinking Belle (Blue Sheep)
This one might not have inspired my playing in Nordsind as much as some of the other songs, but the album Altar, from which this track was taken, showed me that music doesn’t have to conform to a fixed set of rules. A lesson I often return to and I can’t think of a more hypnotic and beautiful way of reminding myself of that, than The Sinking Belle.

Caspian - Flowers of Light
Lastly, Caspian Flowers of Light!!! This song was released after LYS was written, so it obviously didn’t influence the album. I could have chosen some earlier Caspian, as that has inspired me a lot, but Flowers of Light is just such an epic piece and it felt appropriate to end the list with something that is destined to inspire future tracks.

Ole (drums):
Only Five songs that inspires you and means something special, is an insane task, but here I go.

Russian Circles - Afrika
I discovered Russian Circles a few months before I talked to Asger about Nordsind. I’ve always been fascinated by hard instrumental rock, and I was completely overwhelmed the first time I heard them. Afrika is one of those songs that just describe them perfectly. Absolutely beautiful guitar parts that really moves you, but at the same time there is a sense of some ominous undertones. And then there is Dave Turncrantz. Amazing drummer and seems like an amazing Human.

Explosions in the sky - Six days at the bottom of the Ocean
One of my all time bands. This was also one of the bands I thought of when Asger talked to me about his ideas for this “project”. I discovered this album (The world is not a Cold dead place) back in 2010 and it was just with me always at that point. I used to surf and longboard and that was the soundtrack to me and my friends’ trips to the sea and through the forests.

Listener - Wooden Heart
If there was one artist I would work with, it’s Dan Smith from Listener. Wooden Heart is one of the most beautiful albums/songs I’ve heard. It’s one of my best friends favourite songs as well, so we always hear it when we are together. We were very fortunate to Listener live at “Underwerket” here in Copenhagen. A very small basement show, and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen

Deftones - Hexagram
Okay, let’s go back in time for a bit. My first Music experiences were punk, grunge, nu metal etc etc. And Deftones is one of my earliest memories that I still enjoy as much and still will put on at home. Deftones has made SO many amazing songs and albums. But one that really was one of the first I heard was Hexagram. Chinos insane scream that sounds so real and effortless that flows through the song. But most importantly Mr. Abe Cunningham. My god. What a dude, what a drummer. I remember thinking “Is that possible?” The way he played, the mix of the drums. Everything. So amazing. It still is.

Underoath - Breathing in a new mentality
The opening track of one of my favourite albums (Lost in the Sound of separation) When people think of Underoath, they think of EMO and clean singing. And That’s fair, but they are amazing songwriters and musicians and deserve a bit more credit, I think. And again, those drums. Aaron Gillespie is definitely one of my Top 3 of my favourite drummers. Just like Abe Cunningham, I completely fell on my ass when I heard him for the first time. He was so creative and so different with his drum playing than other metal/hardcore drummers. I bought a meet and greet ticket the last time they were in Copenhagen. I was starstruck and couldn’t believe I was about to meet him. I prepared some questions and wanted to know everything. Then I met him and completely Froze. We ended up talking for 20 Minutes about the toys he had bought for his son while in Copenhagen. Really amazing down to Earth and humble guy. Thanks for having us and for your awesome review of our album Lys.

Hope you enjoy the recommendations! Keep up the good work - Asger & Ole

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