Albums of the year by Sebastian

Duchamp - Slingshot Anthems

Favorite track: Video Games and Coffee
Release date: 20 Aug 2021 | Bandcamp

End Hits Records don't have many releases each year, but they always deliver quality stuff. Duchamp's debut album Slingshot Anthems is a real throwback and so much fun to listen to. If you're into old-school hardocre and punk, this is a must listen. I really hope, that is not just a one off project and that they will release more music in the future.

Every Time I Die - Radical

Favorite track: Thing With Feathers
Release date: 22 Oct 2021 | Bandcamp

Radical by Every Time I Die went completely under my radar at first and I "accidentally" discovered it through a post by Stray From The Path's drummer. When I gave it the first listen, I immediately fell in love with the album and still listen to it quite often.

Mono - Pilgrimage of the Soul

Favorite track: And Eternity in an Hour
Release date: 17 Sep 2021 | Bandcamp

Dreamy. Aethereal. Meditative. All this and much more can be said about Mono's newest work. With Pilgrimage of the Soul they deliver another masterpiece in their impeccable discography. The strings and woodwinds in their songs just always catch me and put my mind at ease.

Turnstile - Glow On

Favorite track: Holiday
Release date: 02 Sep 2021

Glow On was such a hyped release for many people and is at the top of many "Best album 2021" lists this year and rightfully so. Turnstile refined their sound and delivered a very strong modern hardcore album. If Slingshot Anthems was your blast from the past, Glow On is your modern counterpiece.

Dying Wish - Fragments of a bitter Memory

Favorite track: Innate Thirst
Release date: 01 Oct 2021 | Bandcamp

If all my favorites were not heavy enough for you, this one should satisfy your craving. Fragments of a Bitter Memory is the debut album of Dying Wish and it's one hell of an album. I can't praise this record enough and if you are into the harder side of hardcore, this album might be just about right for you.