Interview with Teethgrynder

28 Nov 2021 - Thorsten

Jay Thurley is an easy interview partner. He is a guy, who is outspoken and reflective which is a perfect pairing for anyone who gets a chance to talk to him. He is outspoken, but not loud, he is reflective but not introvert – and when he talks he shows security in every topic that we touched on! Of course the most important topic was his new record Hostages that was released a few weeks, but we also talked about his love for Nick Cave, his connections within the UK Post-Metal scene (even though it’s not the music he makes) and also his dog Honey, who joined us during the conversation..

Jay’s new album is a wonderful collection of melancholic numbers, that slowly creep up your brain cells until in the end you find yourself not listening to anything for several days on end. We were lucky to talk to the tattoo artist who’s connections are also often connected to that profession.

One note about the interview: The first half of it was done over the phone and thus there is always a slight lapse between question and answer. The second half was done via laptop and thus is much more fluent. Nevertheless it’s packed with awesome stories and theories by one of the most interesting Indie-Rock artist of our time. Enjoy our podcast interview of the month!