À L'Ombre D'Héméra -

26 Nov 2021

Dans l’esprit d’Héméra is a compilation of bands mostly from here (Québec, Canada), bands with whom we shared a stage or with whom we would like to share one, some bigger names but mostly small underground bands. I give as an example Milanku and Appalaches, but also, Apes, Martlet, DISCRVST. We shared (or will very soon in the case of Appalaches) the stage with these bands, loved our experience, and would like to share their music with you, simple as that. I would like to accentuate that the one with Milanku (back in December 2019) was a highlight for everyone in our band.

The playlist also contains formations that we have a great relation with. Martin from the band Aulnes received us many times in his venue for a show. Godhead Lizard is a Stoner Rock band where our bassist Phil also plays in. I’m also thinking of our working relation with Alex CF, he did the art for our last EP and the upcoming album. Two of his formations, Morrow and Archivist, are also included in the list.

The compilation also has some discoveries we did. I’m speaking here about Telepathy and Vesperine, we discovered bands like them mostly through pages like the infamous “Post-metal/Post-Rock and derivates of those”-group. Facebook pages and websites like Veil of Sound make it easy to discover new music and even establish a good contact with these bands.

The goal of the playlist is simply share good music that we like and offer a support to our stage brothers. Help us to discover these excellent bands by following and sharing it!

Pierre Breton for À L’Ombre D’Héméra

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