End Of Kumari -

19 Nov 2021

We compiled a list of 10 songs that we think had an influence on us and therefore had impact on our album Stories from the Floating World.
We listen to a lot of guitar-driven Post-Rock/Stoner/Prog bands spiced with a little heavy metal like Pantera or Gojira to get inspiration for our heavier riffs. We like music that uses the contrast of calm parts vs. heavy parts to create a wide range of dynamic. We also like songs that do not follow typical song structures but rather tell a musical story and develop in unexpected ways. That’s why bands like Elder have a big influence on us. But also “Cemetery Gates” is a good example for that. Good source for inspiration on modern guitar work and solos is Periphery and especially Plini, who runs on repeat in our players ;)
And our daily dose of postrock we get from bands like Long Distance Calling or If These Trees Could Talk, which we like for their melancholic and catchy melodies and their atmospheric effect work.

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