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Playlist #23 by Norna


Mötley Crüe “Dr.Feelgood” is definitely my favorite song ever . I listen that song since I was 12 years old.” Leave me Here” it is with this song that I discovered cult of luna and I really fell in love with Sweden, I could talk for hours about Meshuggah and Refused. But I think it’s enough to turn up the volume, sit down and open your ears… then you will understand.

I also listen to a lot of hip hop and electronic music, Beastie Boys, and Boards of Canada are my favorites. What better way than to sit down, put on a record by Boards of canada and have a good glass of red wine?!

When I was in Sweden we spent some time with Tómas talking about music, and watched some reports, so for the rest of this playlist I could talk way too long about each song. With Tómas we have put together the bands and songs that have influenced us throughout the years and that have made Norna exist today.

Thank you so much for having us !

Norna gave us a first interview and Vinter Records allowed us to embed a first-ever “look” at what Norna sounds like. You can find it here.