Mountainscape -

27 Aug 2021

Our debut album came out on February 26th, 2021 via via Trepanation Recordings, the focus of this playlist is on artists that influenced the sound of Acceptance. There’s a mixture of post-genres (black, rock, metal…) on the list amongst some soundtrack, classical and ambient. Most of the tracks included are ones that have been part of the Mountainscape regular rotation for the last couple of years.

Year of No Light were the first ‘post-metal’ band I listened to about 10 years ago so “Perséphone I” had to be included. Russian Circles were the reason we opted to play as a three piece using live looping and “Afrika” is my current favorite track of theirs. The way Jakob build ambient guitar layers has a big influence on my writing and playing. I absolutely love Hammock and Oblivion Hymns is just aural bliss. We opened for Tides from Nebula in London which was incredible. Picking out just one track was tricky as “Safehaven” and From Voodoo to Zen are excellent from start to finish. Hans Zimmer and John Williams have influenced my writing for as long as I can remember, also Howard Shore’s score for The Lord of the Rings and the monsterverse soundtracks get an honourable mention! Telepathy and Coldbones are my favorite UK bands, we were due to support Telepathy in Coventry on their Burn Embrace tour before Covid hit. Hopefully we’ll end up playing shows with both bands in the future.

I opted to include a new track from Trna as it still captures the vibe of their previous material but is considerably shorter. The first draft of the playlist clocked in at 3,5 so it required some serious trimming!

Mountainscape are recording a live set at the end of this month (August) and have an awesome new t-shirt available on Bandcamp along with the second pressing of Acceptance on CD.

(You can also check out Daniel’s album Acceptance on Spotify)