Vesperine -

20 Aug 2021

Most of Amenra, Cult Of Luna and Neurosis tracks are obvious references for the music of Vesperine. We particularly find ourselves in these organic structures, always played with great intensity and high contrast, which ultimately result in pieces that stretch out over time.

Some of Metallica’s tracks (the Load period with notably “The Outlaw Torn”) and the first two Korn albums (with tracks like “Daddy” or “Good God”), are more distant influences, that come from the middle of the 90s, but which have remained important for us. Once again we find audacious structures, very non linear, with an intense performance full of energy and emotions.

In another register, Converge’s discography and state of mind represent the punk influence that we wish to give to the Vesperine project, a “raw” aesthetic, far from well-polished and ultra-produced musical creations.

The Impossibility Of Reason, Chimaira & Resurrection from Chimaira are albums we listened to a lot fifteen years ago. From this metal side that we always appreciate remains today the effectiveness of the riffs and the energy we put on stage.

Tool and the work of Maynard James Keenan (Puscifer, A Perfect Circle) are also major influences in the ability to conceive songs as something more than a sequence of chords and rhythmics.

Kowloon Walled City & Daughters are two more recent references. We discovered KWC during the recording of Espérer Sombrer, seeking inspiration for the treatment of the strings. The work done on the album Grievances is simply remarkable. Daughters, especially the album You Won’t Get What You Want, are to be credited for their ability to create a specific “sound” for themselves that is totally unique. The Daughters sound is recognizable among thousands and that’s what makes - among other things - the strength of a band.

(You can check out Vesperine’s album Esperine Sombrer on Spotify)