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Playlist #17 by Raum Kingdom


This was actually really hard to keep it to this length; it was four hours long first time round.

So the reason I/we picked these tracks? Some of the tracks like the one by Acrimony among others are a nod to our dearly missed bass player Bones - he loved those dudes!

The Jimmy Cake and the Rednecks take me back to the amazing live scene in Dublin (probably the reason I wanted to get into making music) in the very early 2000’s in Whelans and a few other great spots, so that’s why they’re in there and they are great tunes.

Tracks like “Sober”, “100%”, “Thumb”, “Junkhead” and “Everything’s Ruined” all blew my head off when I first heard them and they still do to a degree.

We’re all big Dax Riggs fans so we had to have some Acid Bath and some of his later stuff in there.

As for the rest of the tracks I can’t tell you hands down why I picked them, I guess they’re a very small bunch of my favourite tracks, like I said this wasn’t easy 😉 Dave