Playlist Cmdr_rikr

Playlist #15 by CMDR RIKR


When Thorsten of Veil of Sound asked CMDR RIKR to compile a playlist of music accompanied by some annotations he specified: “About 150 words would be great.” Alright, we thought, we should be able to restrict our commentary to about that number for each track – but that’s not what he meant: we were given “between 150 – 250 words” IN TOTAL. Up to here, this has already been more than a third of that.

CMDR RIKR, like many other bands, is composed of nerds in their fields. Some years ago we had established the custom of gathering at one band member’s place to play each other a bunch of favourite tracks. Unfortunately, with the squiggles and wiggles of four different lives, this tradition in the making came to an inglorious end; maybe Thorsten’s invitation is our opportunity to revive it. Such an evening usually went like this: get together, talk, have a drink, get outside for a smoke, get inside again, grab some candy, sneak a track onto the HiFi system, and from there on it was just pure living-room-bumper-car-listening: one choice would provoke the next; the evening would become one long playlist, and afterwards everybody left with a few new items on his to-check-list.

Hopefully you’ll find a good “space” to play this compilation, and maybe you will be inspired at least some. The only thing that you are definitely going to miss is the accompanying talk. We were only given a maximum of 250 words. Have fun.