Playlist When_waves_collide

Playlist #14 by When Waves Collide


NOTE: It’s hard to combine the taste of each member in one consistent playlist so for this one we tried to stay focused on ’post’ related influences which make more sense here on Veil Of Sound. [If you would like to hear more eclectic influences from us we also have a ‘Top 20’ and a ‘Current Listening’ playlist on our Spotify profile.]

This playlist feels more and more intense from the start with Tides From Nebula until the end with Protest The Hero. (THE band that influenced our guitarist Adrien the most).

Why start with TFN? We feel kind of related to their sound on From Voodoo to Zen because of the way they blend electronic textures and guitar riffs but also because of the songs’ format: not that long (compared to the post-genre standard) for more impact. We like to keep our songs – even though it is instrumental rock – quite short with an almost pop structure at the end. It could also have been pg.lost in the first place to be honest.

We share a lot of influences of course but if we would have to associate some of these choices with our band members, our guitarists Adrien and Romain might be the heavier side of our band with some influences like Protest The Hero, Nine Inch Nails, Periphery or Rolo Tomassi. Our drummer Andrea is crazy about electronic sounds. He is the one programming most of the electronic parts for WWC and also produces dark techno music for the night with his project Subdivided. [Check out his remix of our song Valhalla -]. 65daysofstatic would be an obvious choice for him alongside with the French band Jean Jean which are excellent at melting electronic textures with math-rock riffs. On my side – bassist Tim – I used to listen to a lot of Russian Circles. Today, bands like Portico Quartet, Wang Wen or Floating Points are my thing. We also added more favorite releases from less-known artists such as Crosswhen with their immersive EP or Jakub Tirco and his amazing Noises & Colours.

We hope you will make some great discoveries with this playlist or at least dive deeper into our sound.

Thanks for having us VoS & thanks for listening you all!