Black Flak And The Nightmare Fighters -

02 Jul 2021

Note: Not all band members were able to give a short comment on their choices but all contributed immensely to their next record Ad Meliora which will be released later this month and is a dark horse for the best Post-Rock record of the year.


Each of these songs have a specific property that I took and put my own spin to it in different ways. Adam Neely calls it elemental composition. For example, I took the loud booming ambient chords from “East-The-Water” to inspire the introduction for “I’ve Grown, I’m Growing, I’m Still Unknowing”


Poison The Well were an inspiration in my early drumming career. The intensity of the beats and the dynamics of the vocal melodies are very powerful. The drumming is perhaps not is not always the most complex patterns, but they are played in such a way that they elevate the songs and lift them to an exquisite level. The consistency, drones, and crescendos of Lantlos, give me a great feeling of progression and moving forward towards something great. I’m hit with good feels when listening. Julie Christmas’ vocals on the Cult Of Luna-record remind me of my sister Julie with her relentless badassness and it always gives me goosebumps. There’s not much to say about Russian Circles, all drummers know, it’s a benchmark of peak inspired drumming. 


These songs all share elements of a dark and brooding tone that at some point progresses into a more uplifting emotional rise. Each expresses, in its own way, a difficult path from which a spark of hope can be found. As so does our album, we’ve attempted to express a message of darkness to light, despair to hope, and a way we can all move towards better. 


As for my heaviest influence on my writing process for Ad Meliora, BFNF is at the top. I really didn’t have any outside influence other than what was right in front of my face. These guys had a well established album before I jumped into the mix. So I utilized input from their previous works, and took thoughts and feelings from my band mates to curate something that I felt would best fit the storyline. As for the small glimpse into my most favored artists and influence: Paramore has been a staple in my aspirations towards music. Circa Survive (and everything that Anthony Green touches really) inspires me endlessly. If I could have one super power, it would be lyricism that stands a match to that genius. Microwave, for me, always pushes the envelope on style and sound. Each project brings something new to the table. Nate also has a magical way with words that just gets better with each album. The transition between the two songs “Pull” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is so chilling.