Dust Moth -

18 Jun 2021

Ryan Frederiksen:

A little bit of everything for the springtime. A classic in Malo, an expansive update on jazz in Floating Points and Pharaoh Sanders, the doom of Big Brave and the creativity and experimentalism of Mammifer.

Steve Becker:

The new Mogwai is stellar. I’ve always been a massive fan, but “Ritchie Sacramento” is my favorite song of theirs since “Heroes of BMX”. Panopticon, “The Pit”, is a happy accident. I heard them randomly on a stream. I love when metal bands write great country tunes. The Automaton song opens the album with such power I couldn’t not include it here. And that Amon Tobin song is so amazing when the drums finally hit. Every one of these songs simply makes me smile in very different ways.

Irene Barber:

I love this new L’Rain track – very much looking forward to the full new album in June. I first heard L’Rain while on Dust Moth tour in NYC and was captured by how big and blended her work sounds. And that Juana Molina live album has got me pumped for the return of live shows!

Jim Acquavella:

Being a proponent of odd time signatures, synths and Vistalites, the new Genghis Tron record has been my favorite release this spring. The M83 track lacks percussion but makes up for it with keyboards that swell and evolve to create a massive spectrum of sound. The Godspeed You! Black Emperor track fills me with the desire to drive, location and return, unknown. The If These Trees Could Talk song, though not recent, doesn’t grow old.