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Playlist #8 by Isa Holliday (Slow Crush)


Curse These Metal Hands – “High Spirits” This song is a real motivator for me. If I’m feeling down, I can put this on and it will lift my mood straight away. In the days when commuting to work was still a thing, I used to play this while going in early on a Monday morning to get me a bit less bummed about having to spend a day at the office. Added bonus that this band is a collab between friends from Conjuror and Pijn.

Slint - “Washer”: One of the first songs I taught myself to play on guitar. Very thankful to have been handed down a mix tape from older friends of friends with this beautiful sad song on it.

Bikini Kill - “Rebel Girl”: Probably the band that has inspired many many girls to grab a guitar or pair of drumsticks and go form a band. Well, that was the case for my girlfriends at school and I, no matter how terrible we were.

A Perfect Circle - “The Hollow”: Paz Lenchantin was a big inspiration for me. It was eye opening to see a woman with similar non-caucasion feature as me playing bass on stage like an absolute boss. The Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins were already on my radar. I loved Kim Deal and D’arcy but I could relate to Paz much more.

Cloakroom - “Seedless Star”: That bass tone is so good. Especially at the end. I love the combined vulnerability and heaviness this song has.

LSD and the Search for God - “I Don’t Care<”: One of the bands that helped me find my vocal timbre. Love the guitar sound on this too.

The Lemonheads - “It’s About Time”: Very reminiscent of long road trips. The Lemonheads are a tour bus playlist staple.

Pity Sex- “Wind-Up”: Brittany is another singer I listened to a lot when developing my singing voice. This is one of the first songs we jammed together in the early Slow Crush days as a try out with me on vocals.

Grivo - “Burnout”: Love this song. Love this band. Love everyone in it. The last tour we played was with Grivo on the US East Coast, coming home just a few weeks before lock down. Three very driven, hard-working and talented musicians. I miss them all very much. If you haven’t already, please check them out. You’ll thank me later.

All Partial– “Motion City Soundtrack”: This song makes me cry every single time. Originally by Radiohead but this version is so much better. I had it on repeat constantly the day it came out. Couldn’t get enough. All Partial is the piano-led ambient creation of our friend Nick, drummer from Pijn. We had a great time touring with Pijn in the early days and have since managed to coincidentally be in the same area to crash each other’s birthday parties.

FM-84 - “Running In The Night”: We love a bit of 80s synthpop. Another track that would often get thrown onto the playlist in the van. Instant summer vibes.

Lost Century Kid - “Neverending”: If you like Drab Majesty, you’ll love Lost Century Kid. Neverending hits all the feels. Warm, emotional vocals and a beat that gets you dancing. We love his redux version of Aurora. More tracks available on his Bandcamp page.

Soft Kill - “Whirl”: We had so much fun touring Europe with Soft Kill in November 2019. This track was the closer of their set. A special song for me as they asked me to stop dancing in the crowd and join them on bass for this one. What an honour!