Wilderness of Mirrors - Melancholia EP

02 Jun 2021 - Pat O'

Post-Metal/Doomgaze/Instrumental | Release date: 20 May 2021

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Inspired by the 2011 movie Melancholia, Wilderness of Mirrors is a monumental piece of music that is both blistering and fervent, soundly underpinned with grandiose orchestras and rich atmospheric walls.

Wilderness of Mirrors is a solo project by Aindreas Gill, and this, his third release is an unfeigned story depicting the characters from the 2011 movie “Melancholia”, which shares the same name as the EP. The concept of the EP shows the vulnerability of two characters from the film and illustrates the power of the human mind. Emotions spin back and forth from moments of helplessness and dread to passages of calm and serenity. Without lyrics or vocals to assist with the story telling, you need to rely heavily on the passion and emotional attachment of the music to guide you along, and to be honest it’s been a while since I’ve experienced that being done as well as this. It’s impassioned and theatrical, and it will have you hooked.

The opening track “Melancholia I, Stop Dreaming (Justine)” begins with the spoken words of the character Justine, who’s emotional delivery opens up a riff that reverbs and carries while being caressed by violins and synths. It’s big and orchestral, full of passion and pageantry and all lead by a solo guitar inching its way through the fretboard. Kinetic drums add to the suspense and the alchemy. A moment of restrain with acoustic ambiances echo and reverb until it all falls silent momentarily….then suddenly, and expectedly, blast beats, frantic guitars and a sea of synths create a moment of post black rapture. You’re sucked into a cyclopean swirl of melancholic grandeur and passion, with orchestral strings ripping through their bows. The music is intense and utterly sublime. As the pace gradually slows down, the drama doesn’t. The huge wall of sound continues to the end of the track with synths and strings harmonising with the guitars and drums. A hugely emotive and gorgeous track, that I found myself putting on repeat long after I played this EP.

“Melancholia II, Hiding Behind the Sun (Claire)” also opens with a spoken passage from the movie, this time telling of the panic and the fear within the character Claire, and contains the wonderful line “Melancholy is gonna pass right in front of us, and it’s going to be the most beautiful sight ever”. How fitting a comment considering how dark and edgy this music is. The track builds slowly and attentively with rich guitar chords and a roll of drums. The air turns dark and devious with the introduction of synths, then begins a lofty, malicious riff, full of intent and vehement. It’s just like the experience I felt when I heard Lost In Kiev’s album Nuit Noir for the first time. Its melodic, dark and haunting sounds were just beautiful. The mid tempo drum section retains the atmosphere and holds a tight grip on the bass and guitars until the time is right to let them break free and take to the air. This is a fantastic musical passage that slowly gathers momentum, not in pace, but in layers and chord progressions. With a fifteen minute running time it’s a track that continues to grow, and reaches climax with a gorgeous grandiose stringed passage to close

Aindreas is one of many solo musicians/projects currently creating brilliant and hugely atmospheric music. Technology and creativity have found each other, and its allowed the minds of gifted musicians to showcase what they are all about. They may not be able to play all the instruments, but they understand them all. They can almost feel and taste the music, and can conjure up sounds that could only be dreamed of twenty years ago. Personally speaking, I hope the likes of Wilderness of Mirrors and many more besides, somehow take this music on the road. Maybe gather up some session musicians and share this incredible music on a live stage. But that’s my selfish side speaking, so I’ll just get back to the EP!.

“Melancholia III, I’m Trudging Through This Grey Woolly Yawn – Epilogue” is an atmospheric, sombre piece of music that leans heavily on synths rather than the power that saturated the previous two tracks. Thunder effect drums echo in the distance with sullen guitaring as its companion, and between them bring down the curtain for the final spoken passage. The last words of the EP whisper “All I know is life on earth is evil, there maybe life somewhere else, but there isn’t”.

If you enjoyed this EP, be sure to check out Wilderness of Mirrors over on Bandcamp. “The Light,The Darkness,The Void” and “Woodland Ghosts EP” are also stellar releases. And sinfully they are all “Name Your Price!!”. Give these musicians some support. Trust me, the music will pay you back in spades.