Jeroen Pede (Alkerdeel) -

14 May 2021

Beherit: we love Beherit because of their psychedelic nature. And their brutality of course.

Tiamat: we love Tiamat because of their brutality on the early albums. And their psychedelic nature later on of course.

Black Magic: actually I wanted to include the song “Demon Lord”, but that one wasn’t available. This is pure Iron Maiden Paul Di’Anno worship, sounding more eighties than any NWOBHM band.

Ashbury: perfect when you go free-hiking, putting out your tent, while having a whiskey. It’s as cheesy as your socks during that trip though. The Fleetwood Mac of hard rock.

Angel Witch: another singalong. Should be known.

Reverend Bizarre: our bass player QW has toured with them a couple of times, how lucky can you be? Although we don’t have that many influences directly from them, they’re one of my faves. Maybe we share their not-giving-a-fuck.

Burning Witch: next to Darkthrone my most favorite band. Not their slow pace is of influence to us, but rather their sound - raw, heavy and natural.

Unearthly Trance: I really enjoyed their early albums, they were one of the first mixing black metal and sludge/doom, and have been a huge influence in our very beginnings.

Tangorodrim: pure Darkthrone Panzerfaust worship from Israel. Always listen a lot to these guys before recording to get in the right mood.

Oksennus: if Ornette Coleman would play death metal after eating magic mushrooms it would sound like these fins.

Wulkanaz: like a mix between Arckanum, Vondur and Lugubrum. One of the most interesting BM artists of the last decade. Check also his other projects Wagner Ödegard and Karnilapakte.

Turia: our good friends from the Netherlands. Very original and inspiring. They would have fit in the league of Fleurety, Solefald and Forgotten Woods when they released their demos.

Golden Ashes: another good friend from the Netherlands, Maurice from Gnaw Their Tongues. One of his zillion projects. This one is really dream-like, while not forgetting he’s playing a black metal band. No Alcest puberty emotions here.

Sort Vokter: when Alkerdeel started, our aim was to mix Corrupted with Ildjarn. Sort Vokter was a project where Ildjarn was also involved in. If Bob from Twin Peaks would play a black metal band, it would sound like Sort Vokter. This is an instrumental outro though, which closes this compilation nicely.

Jeroen Pede (Alkerdeel)