Kollaps\e - The Pandemic Sessions

05 May 2021 - Thorsten

Post-Metal | Release date: 29 Jan 2021

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Scandinavia in general and Sweden especially is simply the birthplace of really good, chunky, sludgey Post-Metal with a bit of an industrial side-note. Further proof needed? Listen to The Pandemic Sessions by Kollaps\e.

This two-track-EP is channeling a lot of the influences that good Post-Metal can offer, if it is well-done. The partially industrial clunks (which sounds as if the drummer is hitting on an anvil) or the short tribal drums: the first track “Radiant//Static” is dominated by simply good drumming. That shall not imply that the second offering “Murrain” doesn’t feature some good drumming, but the dominant instrument here is definitely the guitar. That second track also does a few things better than its predecessor – the band is able to incorporate more layers and atmospheres to their sound, especially the calm middle part around the 3:00-minute-mark: The storm is broken into a calm sea with only a few moments of upheaval, when one of those short waves hits the boat again and then the timing of the cymbals is really perfect, they give the soothing moment and underlying sense of fore-shadowing which is reinforced when the next line of riffs sets in again. That riffs is accompanied by some heavy, groovy drumming and then the listener can witness one of these paradigmatic moments that still after all these years make Post-Metal so interesting (if well-executed): That one moment, here is lasts roughly 3,5 seconds of minor reverb and otherwise nothingness, that “Eye of the Storm” moment when everybody knows what will happen next for the final part of the song. However, when the waves crash and wash over the listener we know once again why we still like that genre.

Of course, one can argue the case that Kollaps\e from Helsingborg, Sweden, do not re-invent a genre nearly non-re-inventable (sorry, for the neologism). Their structures are well-observed and well-executed Post-Metal and if you have listened to other records by Terra Tenebrosa, Breach, Cult Of Luna, Burst, The Ocean etc. you might notice the structures and tunings. But tell me – how often do we eat the same stuff again and again only because it tastes good? Why is grandma’s soup still the best year after year? Because it leaves us with this warm feeling on the inside; a feeling of love devoted to the making of the soup. Same goes for The Pandemic Sessions: One can hear the amount of love Daniel Wallenborg and his mates have for this genre, how devoted they are to the little details and how much they have made a record for fans of the genre and by fans of the genre. Those will love it never mind a little lack of innovative ideas. I know I do.