Bruit≤ - The Machine is burning and now everyone knows it could happen again

23 Apr 2021 - Pat O'

Neo-Classical/Post-Rock/Ambient | Elsuive Sound | Release date: 02 Apr 2021

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Toulouse’s “neoclassical”, “post-rock” maestros Bruit≤ have crafted something very special with their second release entitled The Machine is burning and now everyone knows it could happen again. Allow yourself to experience something truly brilliant. Its an emotional, soul-stirring and exhilarating journey you will not forget for a long time to come. Bruit≤ have truly arrived with this prodigious release

My first introduction to Bruit≤ was through the record label Elusive Sound. Anyone familiar with them will understand that if they endorse a band, then you need to sit up and pay heed. Bruit’s debut release Monolith was released in October 2018 and was a solid, elegant, neoclassically inspired EP that showcased the thought pattern, talent and ultimately the potential that Bruit≤ had. It was two deep and moving pieces of music. So when talk of a new album emerged, I was a very impatient man!. But finally we have in our hands, The Machine is burning and now everyone knows it could happen again. Bruit≤ have torn up the rule book and have created an album that spans across endless styles and genres without constraints. The music went where it wanted to go, and in doing so has created a piece of work that will sit high in the upper echelons of great albums for a long time to come. Its emotive, diverse and utterly mind changing. Everybody, and I mean everybody needs to hear The Machine is burning and now everyone knows it could happen again. It will move you and it will leave a scar on your being that you will not want to heal.

Industry sets the scene and begins with keyboards that spiral and churn, creating an intro that’s both clockwork and steel like. Drums and synths wade in, along with a lament of violins, all weeping over a wonderfully addictive beat. Everything is catchy and compulsive, as that non-uniform drum beat paves the way for some guitars to join in the wall of sound. Cellos and synths dovetail together to create a sound that’s hugely deep, emotive and profound. It all works its way to a swelling crescendo that builds and builds until it literally breaks through the earth’s atmosphere, and for that moment becomes something celestial and cosmic. Heavenly electronics sweep over an old and nostalgic spoken passage that is heartfelt and warm and relays the hardship of life in those industrial times. Even if you cannot understand its meaning, this gentleman’s tone and delivery will capture your imagination. Strings bring further emotion to the final passage and escort you into the second track on the album.

Renaissance begins with rich warm acoustic guitar picking, that’s reminiscent of Anathema’s later work, heavy with emotion and passion. Beautifully clean and crisp cello and violins join in and only increase the sentiment. Midway through the track, pianos and electronica arrive and change the direction of the track with pops of colour and positivity. Maybe this is done on purpose, and is meant to symbolise change, and the rebirth or reawakening of something new and optimistic. Then again, I could be miles off the mark!. A lavish bass line continues the positive vibes, with upbeat synths dominating the track. Like with Industry, floods of emotion and power build and get released in an all too brief cacophony of sound, before the acoustic guitars gently pick and play out the track.

The narrated track Amazing Old Tree is one of those pieces of music that’s simple, uncomplicated but very deep. It tells of the hurt and pain that’s felt by one man who describes the destruction of our worlds forests, and in particular these five hundred year old gentle giants. These are trees that have grown through centuries and that have witnessed more history than any living man ever will. Waves of ambient electronica fills the tree topped skyline, creating a vast and wondrous timbered utopia. The music chops and changes from sounds depicting open tranquil skies to dark canopied woodland. Whichever way you interpret this piece of music, the message will always win out, and that is that the destruction of our woodlands will ultimately come at a cost somewhere down the line. Life simply cannot sustain itself while this is happening.

Now to the final track of this album, The Machine is Burning. There are moments in music, no matter what genre or style, where words fail to interpret the feeling and overwhelming emotions that you can experience while bathing yourself in a certain piece of music. The Machine is Burning is one of those times. You find yourself in complete awe and indescribable rhapsody. It’s a moment of utter sorcery as guitars, synths, drums, cellos and violins all come together, creating a passage of music that will be forever cherished and looked fondly upon. Crescendos come at you, wave after wave and crash over the surface, each one more stirring and more powerful than the last. When the waves do subside, the remaining section is beautifully put to sleep with warm watery guitars and angelic soundscapes, closing the door gently on a truly unique and stunning album.

If this wasn’t enough of an emotional roller-coaster for you, then the live performance of The Machine is Burning at the Gesu Church in Toulouse, along with the French Capitol National Orchestra will no doubt throw you over the edge. I spoke to a friend of mine on FB and we were both man enough to admit that this piece of music had the same effect on us as cutting up a dozen onions!!. This album has something for everyone. Another friend, who runs The Metal Cell Podcast also shared Bruit ≤’s music on his show. This just goes to show the effect it has had on all musical tastes. Like the branches on those amazing old trees, this music has reached out and touched many different genres, with its roots deeply embedded in the soil, ensuring it’s long remembered as a truly great album.