A Reason To Travel - Kingdom

08 Mar 2021 - Pat O'

Ambient Post Rock

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A Reason To Travel’s latest release Kingdom is an immaculate piece of Ambient Post rock that will have you emotionally invested from start to finish. Sit down, relax and enjoy this epic journey back in time.

A Reason To Travel is a solo project that hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. If you were to attempt to tag or label his sound, it would probably nestle itself under the covering of Ambient Post-Rock. His sound has been heavily influenced by the warmth and emotion that This Will Destroy You can create, and in particular Tunnel Blanket, and note that these are his own words!. So if you are a fan of richly layered atmospheric expanses., then this album should connect with you immediately.

Kingdom is his second album and It follows the journey of a new king, from the moment he takes his throne and builds his empire, until greed and corruption lead to his downfall. Musically, Its a beautifully crafted journey and commands your full attention. It’s an album for headphones, peace and privacy. It’s a little safe haven for you to escape the mundane, and immerse yourself in its rich warm tapestry of sound.

Coronation kicks off with a sombre marching drum beat that is joined by rich cascading soundscapes. The music is rich and layered and fills all the space. It’s signalling that a great event is taking place, the crowning of a leader and the beginning of a journey

The second track, Fleeting bliss begins soft and subdued, giving off a tremendous sense of calm. Its empyrean and near celestial sound tends to lend itself to Jakob’s album Solace. It’s beautifully textured, and flows without interruption, into the following track Stolen Gold with its delicate and subtle presence.

Tracks like Hubris pick up the pace and delve more into the post rock genre with its lush guitar picking and its brush stroked percussions. However, there is something that binds this whole album together and it’s the atmosphere that is there throughout. While each track draws up something different and distinctive, there is a mood and an aura that stays with the album from start to finish.

They will tell stories about you is the track that has been released early and it is a highlight for me. It begins in soothing fashion, calm and atmospheric with restrained drums, and hazy guitars. Just when you think you’re comfortable and calm, a tsunami of sound crashes in and engulfs your senses. You sit there enthralled, tightening your grip as a wall of guitars and drums immerse you. Its a huge crashing crescendo and is one of the bigger moments in the album.

Equinox and Iron skies are warm and inviting tracks and continue the theme, with its dreamy and elysian presence. Whistling winds and calming reverbed notes create some Pink Floyd moments in the closing track, Turmoil. Its slow and distorted build up, along with its rolling drums create all the drama needed to close out an album. The noise and emotion reaches fever pitch and finally explodes, leaving you elated and ultimately satisfied. Its a beautifully crafted and thought-out album and will be an instant hit with anyone who enjoys the drama and beauty the TWDY and Jakob create. There is some fantastic merchandise accompanying this release, so be sure to check it out on Bandcamp.