Kabbalah - The Omen

16 Feb 2021 - Thorsten

Occult Stoner | Rebel Waves Records | Release date: 15 Jan 2021

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A sound somewhere between Blue Cheer and The Doors is mixed with choir enchantments to conjure the spirits on Kabbalah’s <i/The Omen</i>. Really spellbinding.

Pamplona in Northern Spain is the home to this all-girl trio called Kabbalah and each year a triumphant procession is going through the streets with hooded figures and pointy heads. In some ways these religious respects might be connected with Kabbalah who also teach you a lot about being one with the universe. If you live in a city with such a vibrant spirituality, it might influence young people, too, any way that it can.

Kabbalah are not religious in a christian sense, but certainly spiritual in a certain sense. Their music is enchanting and rich in keys that would make The Doors’ Ray Manzarek proud. These keys and the synth spaces really carry the whole record in a way that it becomes ethereal and lofty. Combined with a three-vocal melody delivered by all three girls this for a really enchanting record, because that is what their harmonies also sound like: enchantments or rituals to conjure up some spirits that might help them. However, the vocals also are the one negative point that should be mentioned because sometimes they are basically non-understandable (the ladies should work on their pronunciation a bit).

Some of the riffs are nice and chunky and the distortion on these is simply good. Then the band sounds like a good spiritually guided goth post-punk band. In one song the riff dominates, in the next one it’s the keys. This shows that Kabbalah really know what is best for each song, and that they develop their own enigmatic attraction song by song. No matter which instrument dominates, one thing is always the same: the melodic value is immensely high behind the eight songs of The Omen, which follows several EPs and one full-length (from 2017). With this record the trio shows what well-constructed shamanic stoner might sound like.