Spotlights - We Are All Atomic

27 Mar 2020 - Thorsten

Doomgaze | Blues Funeral Recordings | Release date: 27 Mar 2020

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One of the forebearers of the Doomgaze-wave comes back with another chillingly beautiful EP, this time on Blues Funeral Records.

Brooklyn trio Spotlights has been in the spotlight for quite some time now. Three years ago they signed to Ipecac for the release of Seismic, they then toured their butts off (including a stint supporting the Melvins) and released the awe-inspiring Love and Decay last year. Now the trio of the Quintero couple (Mario and Sarah) and drummer Chris Enriquez (of On The Might Of Princes-fame) release an EP exclusively for the brilliant Post-Wax Series on Blues Funeral Recordings (this year’s edition will also have exclusives by Elder and Big Scenic Nowhere plus four more relevant records). As expected the record is heavy but not crushing, it’s soothing but not putting one to sleep. The short heavy, upwards-reaching ends of the riffs are intoxicating and the drumming is bluesy and au point. The EP shows four doomy tracks with brilliant little images in it (like the short, oriental percussion elements at the beginning of “Part III” which sparkle in a certain light), yet there are also these gut-wrenching screams in “Part I” or the near-punk-intro to “Part IV” with its driving piano intro and the simple riff just to open up when the vocals show that this is not some strange punk band on mescaline but a doom band playing a sludge-song. This band belongs in the spotlight!