Envy The_fallen_crimson

Envy - The Fallen Crimson


Not a sound too much. Not a word too much.

Okay, 100 words. Not more. No unnecessities, all arrangement. 91 left.

Five years after. Neither dead nor forgotten but always praised and recognizable. No second thought needed. Unmistakably. Why? Because Envy has always been the blueprint, always will be.

Drumming punctuating rhythms with magical kicks and volcanic blasts. Vocal lines screaming pure urgency and whispering calming ascend. Every uphill battle willingly fought for the view towards the endlessness. Guitar lines wandering along the roughly hewn path onto the stormy heavens.

Want to hear one perfect (screamo) album this year? Channeling beauty and despair equally? Many people’s AOTY?

Here. It. Is.