Folian - Blue Mirror

31 Jan 2020 - Thorsten

Industrial-Shoegaze | Anima Recordings | Release date: 31 Jan 2020

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V “Planning for Burial-like. Have a Nice Life-esque. Archive-ian. Review over.” E Wait? Over?”

V Yeah, why not? E Cause it’s too short and non-explaining. V Why do I have to explain that something is great when I give such great comparisons? E Because you do not compare the new Folian record Blue Mirror with these bands, you merely give non-existing adjectives connected to these bands. V But isn’t that enough for everybody who knows that this new full-length is David Fylstra’s third release within the last two months? E Well, how many people do you know who know that Fylstra released a split EP with Shifting Harbor called Tenemos on January 2nd and a one-longtrack-collaboration with Entresol called The Archangel of Huntridge on December 19th before? V Hmmm okay, but most people should know that Fylstra is able to convey an atmosphere of naturalness by incorporating shoegaze elements, some industrial sounds, field recordings, guitar work and some ethereal vocals! E Yes, most people should know that; however, we both know that they don’t know and not everybody follows The Flenser and its connected artists that closely! V Wait a moment, Blue Mirror is released on Fylstra’s own Anima Recordings, not on Flenser, only because he collaborated with .drowse for some of their tracks does not mean that all the Flenser-die hards know about him. E Of course the die-hards know, but maybe you are right, cause apart from that his work is not that well-known. Although it should be, as he also worked with bands like Bible Black Tyrant or Ramprasad. V Although they should – yes. Do you know what hit me most positively about this record? E Tell me! V That is all flows together so naturally, that none of the elements dominates the others and that it sounds as if he knew straight away where he wanted to go with this release like he had a planned out map for his way through all of the fog and the forest of Portland, where he lives and works and which definitely influenced this record a lot. E But isn’t it the way that he was struck by the intricacies of modern life and all its negative consequences on our way of living? V It might be and you definitely can feel the paradox of man trying to connect with the old ways (represented by the lots of acoustic guitar and the field recordings) and our longing for modern-ness and “the new” (shown by the industrial beats and the shoegaze walls of sounds). E Oh is that why you wrote that shortest of reviews? V Yes, because that’s what these artists also do. Combine old and new. Each in their very own style. E Ah, okay, so let’s just say this album is:

Planning for Burial-like. Have a Nice Life-esque. Archive-ian.