Death. Void. Terror. - To The Great Monolith II

24 Jan 2020 - Thorsten

Cavern-Black-Metal | Repose Records | Release date: 24 Jan 2020

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Darkness there and nothing more! Or is it more like an Ancient Greek philosopher once said? No matter who or what – this is bleak, black, dark, deep. Death.Void.Terror. Releases their second trip To The Great Monolith

Heraclitus of Ephesus, an Ancient philosopher of the 6th and 5th century BC, shall have coined the term ‘panta rhei’ (‘all is flowing’). And with Death.Void.Terror’s music it somehow feels very similar. Everything flows into each other. The heavy, doomy riffs, slow in speed and crushing in sound, are constantly cascading and collapsing over each other. There is hardly a word for the tonality of this record, because the sound is seemingly Lo-Fi but so well-produced that one can still hear the different layers of the recording. If you expected classic, fast Black-Metal like Kvelgeyst or some folksy stuff like Urgeist, well this is definitely not it.

Death.Void.Terror. release the second recording of the band which in this project and under these circumstances it feels as crushing and un(for)giving as anything I ever heard. This might not be as noisy as Vessel of Iniquity but both projects share one thing: The total renunciation of dealing with any expectations. This record is not made for anybody but the practitioners themselves. Practitioners? Yes, in the context of DVT there are no musicians who write, plan and develop music. The music doesn’t come from them, but from the “Great Monolith” and thus the practitioners only help to carry out the recording, they are mere vessels for the Monolith, a non-human entity who gives them the music they wanted to work with. Therefore this music is also seemingly not given by any human, it is dehumanized over the course of the action. No musicians, no boundaries, no ideologies are frequently used. And thus – as one cannot understand the Monolith – we cannot hold expectations because these will be failed.

The image of a dark, deep cave somewhere on the highest mountain of the Alps comes into mind. The wind-tossed mountain top is covered by damp mists and the practitioners are inside the mountain, their bodies giving birth to the music created by a non-human entity who does not think about how we humans perceive its music. But even as the music was not intended for me – I can say that the level of bleakness achieved by the practitioners here should make the Great Monolith proud, this level of inhuman music made by humans is unbelievable. This is Black-Metal-jam to to speak, and man – that trip cannot be taken too often, because it drains all the other thoughts from out your body. It captures all your sensory capabilities and can be really overwhelming. All instruments flow into each other. Nothing makes sense because there is no sense. Just sheer utter darkness.