Collapse Under The Empire - The End Of Something (Box-Set)

13 Dec 2019 - Thorsten

Drone-Ambient | Moment Of Collapse Records | Release date: 13 Dec 2019

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German Ambient-pioneers publish a kind of anthology with some new stuff. Worth it? Surely because of the good price and the great compilation!

German electronic post-rock pioneers Collapse under the Empire have a brilliant 4-LP retrospective on Moment of Collapse Records. The compilation is the regular kind of anthology with some b-sides (for example the brilliant “Spark”), remixes (“Sacrifice”) and new tracks. Those are the new single “Beyond Us” opening the first LP with a brilliant combination of a harsh riff with electronica sounding like an instrumental remix to an undiscovered punkish Depeche Mode track. “Everything Disappears” is like a Latin-style percussion underneath a beautiful and uplifting piano motif with a spiraling guitar line in the background; the third new track is “Anomaly” sees a stomping beat and a spherical ambient space. Of course, some hardcore fans will already know basically all the tracks but the packaging and the beauty of those four vinyls are definitely a reason to purchase this one – especially newcomers to the band might be interested in this one as it is a perfect ‘entrance’ into the realm of this defining post-rock band!