Keelrider - Sun / Too Far Gone (short review)

06 Dec 2019 - Thorsten

Stoner-Grunge | Release date: 06 Dec 2019

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Keelrider shows two sides of Seattle-sound whose connection is long forgotten - Grunge and Stoner Rock.

Iceland’s scene is very likely one of the strongest worldwide as we are talking about a country with roughly 360,000 inhabitants and yet we all know so many bands from Iceland pushing the brim for modern music further and further. Keelrider is another one of those, although they most likely will not see as much attention as Sigur Ros, Björk or the whole Icelandic black metal scene because they are Stoner Grungers with a twist. In 2018 they published their debut album North and last year they published two singles from their upcoming album Second Wind. While “Too Far Gone” is in parts a very nice melange of Alice in Chains-vocals and Soundgarden-stoner riffs, “Sun” is much more interesting because the band some a little more variety when it comes to time signatures and giving the guitar lines more space to breathe. If you are into stoner rock and grunge, this band is something right for you!