Former Writer

Name, Age: Wouter, 40

Where from?: Haarlem, The Netherlands

Family & Pets: Married to Blazenka and we have a son named Lukas, our cat Luna is also part of the family.

Favorite artist: This is a hard question to answer as it changes. At the moment I am in a This Will Destroy You and If These Trees Could Talk phase. Also always loved Jimmy Eat World, Explosions in the Sky, Radiohead….. I’ll stop now.

Best label in the world: My taste is so all over the place that it is impossible for me to name a single one.

Best concert ever: I keep coming back to the show Sigur Ros played at Lowlands Festival in The Netherlands in 2008. It captivated me, and I can’t remember ever being that much in awe of a band.

Top Record of 2020: ‘Elsewhere’ by Hammock

10 Albums for the month-long-stay on the tiny island:

Best joke you always tell: Can literally not think of one, that is how bad I am at jokes.

Best Beyoncé song: All The Single Ladies (always makes me think of a car trip with my brother, can still see him singing it in the front seat)

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Most important piece of advice to tell your 20-year-old-self: It’s fine, just do you best and don’t forget to ask for help once in while.

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