Hiroe -

02 Sep 2022

When we reviewed Hiroe’s debut record released on the mighty Pelagic Records label we were astonished at how well-composed the record was for a debut. But then again, when looking at the amazing influences the band has, it’s not even close to a surprise. They listened carefully and composed even more so. Here you can find out which records, bands and songs influenced Eric Kusanagi, one of the masterminds behind the band.

“This is music to reflect on.

These songs have a lot of personal meaning to me. They carry a lot of weight. They’ve carried me through good times and bad.

I’m proud to say that some of these songs were created by friends and peers that we’ve had the honor of sharing the stage with.

Some of these songs were created by people that I’ve never had the honor of meeting.

But it’s wonderful knowing that someone out there, be it a friend, or a stranger has created something that resonates, something that you can relate to, something that can take you to another time and place.

Some of these songs have been shared to me, and some of these songs I’ve shared out with others.

Now I share this gift with you. Now I share these songs with you. I hope this music resonates with you, as much as they have with me.

This is music to reflect on.”