Stiu Nu Stiu -

19 Aug 2022

Stiu Nu Stiu’s latest record (our review here) was an addictive mix of post-punk, indie-rock and some doomy elements with a bewitching female voice. Their guitar player Martin Sandström was so nice to compile this playlist for us and also gave us a cool explanation for his choices. Enjoy all you VoS-aficionados - enjoy the weekend and the new playlist!

“So this playlist was made by me Martin Sandström who plays guitar in Știu Nu Știu and writes a lot of the material. This playlist is a mix of influences I have and in a lot of cases what at least a few more in the band have been listening to a lot over the years.

Some not so well-known Swedish bands that I think more people should hear like the opener of the list Breach, the end with Cobolt (both from the far north of Sweden) or our Uppsala friends Diskoteket. Some of us in the band have loved Slint for a long time and our other guitarist has had a Slint tattoo on his arm for I guess 25 years or so. So there is some pretty heavy and/or hard stuff on this list but also some really lush sounding things.’

I think there is a lot of good stuff going in some sort of post-punk or goth style of music like the Icelandic band Kaelan Mikla or the 80’s-sounding Johnny Dynamite & The Bloodsuckers, or the brilliant band/guy Sadness who, I think, really mixes up some interesting things.

Some of this I dj when I do that here in Stockholm. “