Interview with Nate Hall

Nate Hall - Interview-Special No. 2


A few weeks ago we already had a short video special when we were talking to Nathan Gray about the problems of marketing. As we said then, we will not do that regularly but every now and then. This week this special became a little longer so we decided to release it as a regular video-episode for you. We spoke to Nate Hall about the sometimes problematic constellation of a musician and a music journalist via the example of Matt Pike from High on Fire or Sleep.

To point it out, we are not okay with misogyny, xenophobia, hate because of sex or gender, fascism and lot more things that shall not all be mentioned here. When Nate published a statement on Facebook a few weeks back this was enough for Thorsten to ask whether we should do an interview on exactly that topic and fortunately Nate agreed. Hope you like it and maybe it makes you think a little bit.